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Automatic updates are supported for the following versions:
Stripe Payments Plugin – v.2.3.13
Premium Subscribers Add-on – v.2.2.7
Pay Per Download Add-on – v.1.3.4

If you have an add-on installed, please be sure that all the plugin versions are at least the minimum mentioned above.


The process works the same for all the plugins. Before automatic updates will work, each plugin needs to be registered. This is a one step process. Registration is done using the plugin’s admin page. Here is a screenshot from the Stripe Payments plugin’s Setup tab:


To fill out this form, find the email receipt you received when purchasing the plugin. This receipt provides you with a username and password that you should use to register.

If you purchased a bundle, use the same username and password credentials when registering all the bundled plugins.


After registration, the updates will happen as part of the normal WordPress plugin update workflow. Here is how they show up in the WordPress Dashboard – Updates menu.


The updates can be done here by selecting the plugins and clicking the Update Plugins button.

Here are the plugins how they are in the WordPress Plugins menu when there is an update present.


Notice the update now links. Clicking any link will result in the plugin being updated. Here is a typical screenshot of that process:


That is a lot smoother than the previous updated process.