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We love to create high quality web sites and software. We have many years of professional experience as software developers and project managers. Whether you are a small non-profit or a large corporation, we can help. Contact us today to leverage our technology experience and process.


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Stripe WordPress Plugin from Dig Labs is fantastic! It provided us with a quick and easy way of implementing custom and branded ecommerce process on the WordPress platform. Dig Labs support team answered our questions promptly and were very helpful. Looking forward to more products from Dig Labs team.
I've bought literally hundreds of software, plugins, or online services through the years.  Bob at has provided the best customer service I've ever received from anyone, ever.  I messed up installing his Stripe payment plugin, and Bob helped me out immediately. I suggested a small clarification to the instructions.  That same day, a new release was sent out with that clarification.  The sign of a truly great company is one that listens to its customers.  I am seriously blown away by Bob's responsiveness.