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Many times I get questions like: “Does the plugin provide modal or lightbox dialogs?” or “How do I build a payment form that pops up?”. The plugin does not natively provide this support. However, there are a number of WordPress plugins that allow this feature to be added. In this post I will leverage the Easy Modal plugin as an example.

After installing and activating the Easy Modal plugin, created a quick modal with the following options:



Notice the content above is simply the shortcodes that I would use to build the payment form on the page. After creating this modal, Easy Modal provides a list of configured modals. Here is a screenshot for the single modal that I have created:


The Class column provided the information that you use to add this dialog to the WordPress page. We will use this below.

Adding this modal to any WordPress post or page is simple. First select the modal that you created to ensure it is available on the page:


Then create an element with the class provided previously. In my case, I am using a HTML button to provide the trigger to show the dialog. Here is an example:


That is it! Easy Modal makes this easy! I am sure there are other modal plugins that will work. To be honest, I did not search very long. I did a quick search in the WordPress plugin repository and this one came up in the top 5 with a high rating.